Sympathy Quotes For Loss Of Brother

Sympathy Quotes For Loss Of Brother

Loss of a brother messages : It’s very hard to experience the loss of a dear brother. Express your sympathy to make the bereaved family feel supported and encourage his siblings that they could overcome this pain. Include some simple yet heartfelt words to write a condolences message or touching Sympathy Quotes For Loss Of Brother to show compassion to someone who is in the grief of losing his brother. Right here following some sympathy quotes for brother and compassionate words which will help you express your deepest sympathy through heartfelt condolences message for loss of brother.

Sympathy Quotes For Loss Of Brother

Your brother was a good friend of mine and his demise was an incident of great distress for me. I extend my heartfelt sympathy for you and your family. My prayers are always with you.

I am sorry about your loss. Your brother’s sudden demise came as a shock to me. I am praying for you to have peace and strength at this time.

Losing a brother is like losing a piece of yourself, but there will come a time when your grief will lessen and you’ll be able to focus on happier memories. Until then, know that I’m here for you.

I was so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how close you and your brother were. He was a nice person and I know he was a good brother too. You have my deepest sympathy.

Your brother’s passing came as quite a shock and we are all very sorry for your loss. You have our deepest sympathy.

Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear brother. May God be with you in this difficult time. May the departed soul rest in peace.


I was both shocked and saddened to hear about your brother’s death. Please accept my sincere sympathy on your loss.

Your brother will be remembered for the great guy that he was. I know you will miss him very much as we all will. Please extend my sympathy to your entire family.

I am deeply moved to hear your brother died. I want to reach out to you and say you are not alone in this time of grief. Just know you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

When you lose a brother, a hole is formed in your heart that penetrates you and leaves you unable to breathe. It will hurt like hell, and the tears will not stop falling.

I am at a loss of words for what to say to console you for your loss of brother. Please accept my condolences anyway and know that I am thinking of you.

I cannot comprehend how difficult this time must be for you by losing your dear brother. I am so, so sorry. Know that we are all thinking of you, and wishing you strength as you deal with so much grief.

Sympathy Quotes For Brother

I am sorry you are gone and I miss you dearly, I wish sometimes we can trade and you still be here. I love you with all my heart and thank you for being the best brother you can be.

From day one all we did was fight, now all I do is fight back my tears. I wanted to do everything you did, because I wanted to be just like you.

He is better than he was any other day. He is resting now. I’m praying for you. I love you and you will truly be missed, your legend will live thru me forever.

You showed me a lot of things, I learned a lot I didn’t know, But you forgot to teach me one last thing How to let you go.

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If we never had a brother, could we really be the same; Oh yes there are sisters and of course there’s mom and dad, and all of them are dear; But a brother is so special, it could never be the same.

Our biggest grief are our loved ones if something happened to them, who would take them, and would people up there love them the way they are used to being loved on the earth.


Brothers are such special people, to have had one is a gift; They are so much of who we are, and how we act and feel; What joy we have from knowing we were a part of them.

Never thought it could be you, I never wanted it to. My other half of me just disappeared. I miss you too much dear brother and my days aren’t same without you.

I love you and you may still receive my prayers somewhere. I think of you daily. You were the best brother. Part of you is still here within me dear brother. Rest in peace until I see you again.

You’re still here in my heart and mind, still making me laugh cause your stories live on. I hold you in a thought and I can feel you. I feel you and this gives me strength and courage.

We meet a lot of people and make a bunch of friends; each is very special and we cherish them as well; But no one is as special or will ever be, as my dear brother was and always will be to me.

Condolence Messages For Brother

I could understand that nothing could bring your brother back. Still, I hope that my condolence may give you and your family some courage to bear this crisis period.

Surviving the death of a brother is the hardest thing anyone will ever go through. When you feel like you don’t have the strength to go on, remember that we’re here to support you.

None of us has any control over the destiny. The death of your brother has been very shocking news for me and my family. We all pray that you and your family are able to come out of this emotionally difficult time with the blessings of God.

Our family doesn’t have any words right now. We know how sad is it and how painful it is. Please accept our deepest sympathy and condolences. You are in our prayers.

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I will always remember your brother for his good nature and great sense of humor. He was truly a joy to know and I feel fortunate to have gotten to know him so well.


No one can understand what it feels like to lose a sibling unless they’ve been through it. Whenever you feel lonely, let me be there for you, and I’ll help you walk through the darkness and find the light again.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours during this difficult time. I cannot imagine the grief you must be experiencing. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

This is a very difficult time for you and your family as you have lost one gem of a person. I wish that God imparts you with all the strength to face these tough times and I pray that his soul rest in peace.

I send my heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the loss of your brother. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Remember that I love and care about you.

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Your brother will be remembered for the great guy that he was. I know you will miss him very much as we all will. Please extend my condolences to your entire family with Peace, Prayers and Blessings.

I know you never came back from the Heaven but our prayers have been constant. No words can make it better. Just know there are many who love you.

They say good souls depart first. On this emotional loss, I can just say that your brother was an exceptional human being who has always inspired people around him. I have no words to express myself at this emotionally weak moment. I wish his soul rest in peace.

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